Press-Influencer Contact

VALOR AND TOUGHNESS is a technology company that focuses on the research and development of artificial intelligence and matching hardware for our users. And we are now seeking co-operation with potential press/influencer partners for our new product - Syncbot.

The Syncbot has already been released and it is an AI masturbator which revolution introduced Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to the sex-tech field. It could analyze video movement, while our own developed servo motors and magneto-aerodynamic design were introduced to match with those movements to provide multi-dimensional feeling. And that's something only we in the world are doing.

Since the seats are limited, if you are willing to work with us to let more people know and understand our products and technologies, pls contact us via Email as below, and we will communicate the possibility and details of co-operation one-on-one within three working days.

After that, we will offer a SyncPackage Pro for Free and provide more details about it for further co-operation.