SyncBrowser Beta: Options Extend to Online Content

SyncOnline Beta: Options Extend to Online Content -

SyncBrowser is an upcoming beta software for a new feature of Syncbot. Prior to this, the A.I. of the Syncbot (AlphaZen) already has the ability to analyze offline video  and automatically complete scripting, allowing users to dive in a realistic and immersive nutting time. Now that we deployed this capability to the Internet, users can use SyncBrowser to synchronize with any online video.

We will soon open the application for SyncBrowser Beta to current users of Syncbot, and users who pass the application will have access to the beta software for free.

Application requirements:

  1. Orders before 23:59:59, July.30, 2023(EST), orders placed during the IndieGoGo 2022 campaign are also applicable.
  2. The application deadline is July.30. Users can fill in the application form below before the deadline, and we will review your qualifications for internal testing one by one.
  3. Users who pass the application will receive a software update before July.30, 2023, and will be given free access to the software before Dec.31, 2023. Access will be revoked by the end of beta period.
  4. The beta version will first cover some of the largest video resource sites in the world. According to the user's usage, we may adjust the coverage and extend service duration of the beta software. Please refer specific circumstances to official information.

"I have been amazed at the different feeling this device can produce based on the movie selected", mentioned by one of our users. We are going to make those feelings fiercer.

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