How to use SyncBrowser



SyncBrowser is a powerful software that enables synchronization between videos and sex toys.

  1. It can directly synchronize all videos from Pornhub, allowing you to feel the actions on the screen.
  2. Any sex toy with Bluetooth capability can be used for free.
  3. It supports loading third-party .funscript scripts for Pornhub videos.



Operation Guide:

  1. Connecting to the Syncbot

In the settings interface, set to USB Synchub mode. Activating the Syncbot by charging it. Insert the Synchub to Connect.


  1. Connecting to Other Bluetooth Sex Toys

In the settings interface, set to Thirdparty Mode.

Download and install Intiface Center. (

Connect Intiface Center with your Sex Toy.

You can refer to the following link for any issues:


  1. Start Syncing

There are two kinds of Online Script.

The PornGPT Script and the Crafted Script.

The PornGPT Script is ready for almost everything on Pornhub.

The Crafted Script is only available for those videos in the Premium Playlist.

Click ‘to Sycn’ to get PornGPT Script.


Enjoy Crafted Script videos in the Premium Playlist.



  1. Load local .funscript scripts.

Click ‘Add’ in the ‘to sync’ interface to load it.


  1. Intensity adjustment

When the progress bar turns colored, it means that the corresponding script is loaded successfully. Different colors indicate different levels of intensity.


  1. Cumbutton

If the General On and Off switch is turned on, SyncBrowser will give priority to the ‘Cumbutton Penel interface’ to control.


Frequently Asked Questions


What devices are supported now?




Lovense:diamo, gush, calor, edge 2


We are currently compatible with all Stroking and Vibration devices in Intiface Central.

These devices can work well with SyncBrowser.
If you have further questions, please consult our technical customer service.


How to get more SyncGems by sharing Referral Code?

During the event, filling in the Referral Code to register an account will get additional SyncGem rewards. After successful registration, you will also have your own Referral Code. Use this one to invite friends to register. Your account will also get SyncGem rewards.






Contact Information

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our support team:



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