SYNCBOT-A revolutionary product that must not be missed!

SYNCBOT-A revolutionary product that must not be missed! - VALOR&TOUGHNESS

I received the package yesterday and can’t wait to use it. But I was told by the customer service that the app will takes some time to analyze the videos before they can be sync to the device. So this morning I put all my collective videos into one folder and dump it in SYNCPLAYER then left to work, hoping the process would be done when I get home.

And it did.

I picked one of my favorite videos then click play, just a momentarily, the SYNCBOT are activated without any notice. To be honest, I was a little startled as the movement is going really strong. That being said, the video already synced with SYNCBOT. When it all set and working correctly, the experience itself is quite enjoyable.

Seeing my fantasy on the screen and the same action was happening below the table, it shortly got so intense that I have to palm covered the touchpad to slow things down. Used at lower speeds, I could literally feel the bumps in the sleeve was teasing me. It’s like someone’s tongue was playing the tip of my foreskin, while the contraction and stroking kept at it consistently.

Then, after a few minutes, I removed my hand from the touchpad. As I was watching the lustful looks on the screen and the stroking got faster, soon I lost all control and just crashed on the bed, feeling the pleasure come in waves and breathing haphazardly.

On the whole, it was pretty fun, but not without potential gripes and issues. For example, there is a rattling sound when used at the higher speeds. It’s not strictly a problem, but there could be some people that don’t appreciate the distraction of the rattle, or the general overall noise levels.

I was impressed that SYNCPLAYER were able to analyze all my downloaded videos, though, despite they all came from different source— P@(n hub, ONLYFANS, Twitter and others.

The maker of this product might consider to upgrade SYNCPLAYER to sync to video website without downloading videos to personal computer, as not all users like myself, prefer to save erotic videos on their computer.  

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