VR Next Week! Syncbot with VR SEX is the best sex toys for men!

VR Next Week!   Syncbot with VR SEX is the best sex toys for men!

Decided by our users, SyncPlayer would cooperate with Heresphere and Deo VR.  After hard works,the beta of this version would release at the end of next week! Apply to us to be a tester via VRSEX@Syncbot.com  and help each other to make all the Syncbots the best sex toys for men!  Let’s do this together.

Men always know that best sex toys should be offering the perfect blend of unparalleled touch and aesthetic elegance along with good cooperation with VR. The reason we are so late about giving users VR is because we used to make VR goggles by ourselves. It is a long way to go and it is very risky even for tech giants. With suggestion from our users, we have no goggles work now.

When we are trying to listen to our users, most men agrees that Syncbot don’t have to own its special goggles to be the best toy. Syncbot can also be the best collaborators with Heresphere and Deo VR, and it is the best sex toy for men already. Now, in our new upgrades, Syncplayer can cooperate with Heresphere and Deo VR better than anyone, with the lowest latency and the most user-friendly interface. SyncPlayer is highly integrated with the best software architecture in the whole industry, unlike other software , SyncPlayer requires no extra apps or webpages and thus with the most agile connection.

We wish the best experience of our users, we will keep updating and listen to you. If you wanna apply to be a tester or you have any thoughts about vr sex you wanna share, please contact us via VRSEX@syncbot.com

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