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Hey everyone! We've been getting a lot of questions about whether Syncbot supports animation, and it's a topic that's worth discussing.

At Syncbot, we strive to provide an immersive experience for our users, and we do support all real-cam fun videos syncing back to the machine. It works perfectly to analyze any fun actions and sync that with your device.

However, when it comes to animations, things can get a little more complicated. The nature of this genre, being animated and often featuring explicit or fantastical content, can present some unique challenges in terms of syncing with our product.

That being said, we have been working diligently to ensure that Syncbot can sync with most 3D animation and some 2D animation. We want to make sure that our users have options and can explore their preferences freely. However, it's important to note that there are still some limitations and variations in animated content that may not sync perfectly with our product.

Now, let's talk about the good stuff! Here are some examples of the genres that SyncBot can work seamlessly with 
Realistic 3D Animation.


And of course, we're constantly working on improving and expanding our capabilities. Here are some genres we're still fine-tuning to work seamlessly with SyncBot: animation with disproportionate body, pixel cell animation, and line drawing animation.

    We understand that the line between what animation Syncbot can support and what it can't may not always be crystal clear. We're constantly working on updates and improvements to expand our capabilities and offer the best experience possible to our users.

    We also appreciate the feedback and reports from our users. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please don't hesitate to let us know. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve our product and cater to your needs.

    In conclusion, while we strive to support as much animated content as possible, there may still be some limitations. We recommend giving it a try with your favorite video and providing us with feedback. We're committed to making Syncbot better with each update, and your input is crucial in helping us achieve that goal.

    Thank you for your support, and we're always here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Syncbot!


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