SYNCBOT-It may become your first choice this year

SYNCBOT-It may become your first choice this year - VALOR&TOUGHNESS

This article is based on the testimonials of our early beta users in May this year.

Not sure if you are a fan of blow jobs. But if you do, an advance sex toySYNCBOT is going to transfer you to the land of self-pleasure.

When the package arrived, it was in an aluminum exterior briefcase. I was confused that a masturbator was put in a briefcase, but it all makes senses when I opened it—The SYNCBOT is polished in the front and has a matt surface on the back, along with two cartridges perfectly sealed in the case. A high-tech design makes it feel like it’s more than just finding self-pleasure.

While it uses innovative technology to sync pornographic video on your computer, the sleeve of this toy is soft and elastic to make the blowjob more realistically than any other device on the market.

The most outstanding feature is that they used artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of erotic videos, aim to deliver real-time visual, physical, and/or auditory experiences.

By putting the erotic videos in SYNPLAYER, it will display the remaining time for analysis, which is affected by hardware configuration, video duration, resolution and other factors. Generally speaking, the time required is close to the duration of the video. Although the time might take too long, SYNCPLAYER is capable to analyze any kinds of erotic videos, even a original one.  

Once connected to your favorite porn, the SYNCBOT will relay the exact motions in the video to your penis and thus results in real-time reality experience.

The controls for the SYNCBOT are quite simple to use. By swiping up or down on the touch pad, you’ll be able to fast forward or play back. Double click the middle of the touch pad will paused/ resumed- if the experience gets too intense and you aren’t quite ready for it yet.

SYNCBOT doesn’t provide any vibrations. As it uses technology to simulate oral sex, focuses on contraction, rotation and up-down movements, While they all functioned simultaneously , the movements spring into life and stroke, in a gentle and caress way, and create suction all in harmony.

And since the SCABBARD is detachable, cleanup is very easy, simply remove the SCABBARD and run it under some warm water with dish soap, rinse it and let it dry. It also has a disassembly cleaning choice for thorough clean-up. Unscrew the spiral and empty the inner tube, run them under warm water all at once then let them dry.

Although, they do have some downsides. For instant-the monstrous size. It won’t cause you too much discomfort but holding a machine between your laps for a marathon masturbate session does take a moment to get used to.

Then it goes the sound. If you are living with your roommate and you are looking for some quiet and discreet moment, the contraction sound could be a bit loud and spoil the fun at some point. On the contrary, some would consider the sound is sexy and take the sensation to a next level. So, I’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

Overall, it has advanced capabilities that allow men to enjoy a simulated blowjob. The features and functions that this toy has to offer are like no other, one could say it’s a great tool for practicing edging and people who suffer from premature ejaculation. Plus it is in great mechanical looking and easy clean up.If you are looking to add some spice to your personal time and doesn’t have a clue to choose from a variety of sex toys on the market, SYNCBOT is definitely worth a shot.

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