Syncbot - the greatest male sex toy?

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My experience so far with this toy after having it for a couple weeks.

I purchased the standard package. About 10 days later I received the syncbot and I was immediately impressed with the packaging which comes in a very sturdy briefcase . The quality of craftmanship of all of the items is very good so far. I have tried the toy a handfull of times since getting it and I am amazed at how many different feelings and sensations this device can give. The sync with the movies is spot on like 99% of the time. Every once in a while it is not quite exactly right but that is minimal and only lasts for a second or two then it’s back to bening perfectly in sync with whatever movie you have playing. I have downloaded several different kinds of movies to test it out and it has performed perfectly. When I first got it I stuck my finger in it and played through a few seconds from scenes of different types of movies including cock worshiping, edging, and blowjob videos from soft and sweet to hammering deepthroat vids. After that it was time to use the toy as intended.

I played the mentioned blow job movies, and of course had to expand to one on one sex videos ranging from missionary to cowgril to doggstyle to anal (I havent tried the amazon position yet, maybe next time). The syncbot gave different sensations for each video perfectly and I have been amazed at the different feeling this device can produce based on the movie selected. I have even tested out threesomes, pegging and gangbang videos. It works flawlessly even in these complicated scenes. As an example, in one of the threesome (MMF) scenes the feelings it provided to my cock was dependent on which part of the scene where the camera was more focused on, whether the camera was more focused on the blowjob or more focused on her getting fucked. In a couple of parts of that video where the camera was equally focused on the woman giving head and getting fucked at the same time the syncbot tried to give me both sensations at once, getting head and fucking at the same time, that was fucking amazing! This device feels like it is from the future and I am very pleased that I gave it a chance.. I know it’s not cheap but there is nothing else like it on the planet. I can't wait to test it out some more, you know for scientific purposes haha.

I was going to post some images but apparently that is not allowed in this subreddit.

EDIT: Video links using a dildo to show some of what this machine can do. (blowjob) (sex)

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